H3 Headlight Conversion

If you re reading this, it probably means you have a moped. With that said moped, you ve probably noticed that the 6v stock light bulb sucks butt. Well I m here to show you a cheap and easy way to pump up dem lights. This works with most CEV healight buckets, I ve tried a few other ones but this is a direct fit to CEV. The one in the pictures is from a Puch maxi.


First, go to any like tractor supply store and buy one of these bad jacksons. I bought this one in particular for like $10.00 at the Harbor Freight in town. Im sure you ll haveĀ  something if youre in a bigger city or you can always find them online.IMG_1482

Second, free the lense housing from the shell of its former self. All the ones I usually come across have a rubber housing so just cut it off with a razor blade or something sharp. Remember safety first!IMG_1484

Third, remove the little clips from the stock headlight that hold the stock lense housing and snip the clips at the last kink to the edge. If you dont the clips will be to long to properly seat the new lense housing.IMG_1699

Fourth, clip in the new lense housing.


And thats it, you are now in the year 6969 with that slick updated light bulb technology. I know what youre also thinking, “Oh no! now I need 12v of power to run the healight?!?” Of course you do, but there are numerous options on 12v light coil up grades, so depending on your bike just google the proper information.

Side note, if youre running the stock puch set up, follow this nifty diagram from the guru at https://www.facebook.com/edsmopedshop/. This will keep the stock points but give you da powwa to run this healight.




Ma20 – Kalamazoo Mi

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